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In the midst of a group of about 20 customers of his crew, Captain Rogge, drew himself up as tall as he could from the drinking water, and with tears in his eyes, elevated his hand to his forehead and held the salute to his ship as she slid slowly but surely again beneath the South Atlantic waves to her closing resting area.

As she did so, the top ship was recognized as being the 33,900-ton British battleship HMS Nelson, armed with 9 16-inch guns, and the 2nd vessel was Plainly an aircraft carrier, but it absolutely was this go, presenting a stern-on check out to them, additionally the fact that for many purpose The 2 ships also altered study course, that resulted in them passing just 7,000 metres astern of your Atlantis, nevertheless someway not spotting her.

Beneath the command of Leutnant z.S. Emil Dehnel, in addition to a prize-crew of fourteen, she was sent to your rendezvous position, even though Rogge took the Atlantis into your Sunda Strait to carry on his search for enemy transport while in the hope of capturing some much needed water and provisions for your shortly-departing prisoners.

The liner’s captain reported the Kasii Maru as ‘a suspicious ship’, a report which was to acquire implications to the raider’s subsequent functions.

Acquiring signalled Berlin, expressing the view that It might be suicidal to satisfy in such an exposed site, he was gratified when the U-68’s commander, Merten, an previous Mate of Rogge’s from their pre-war yachting days, agreed, and a lot more so in the event the SKL agreed to alter the placement of the rendezvous King Atlan to a slightly considerably less perilous point to the southwest from the island of St Helena.

Realising which the Atlantis had been spotted, Rogge known as for optimum velocity during the perception that out-managing the enemy was his only probability of survival.

The Atlantis rendezvoused Along with the Speybank as prepared on February eight, taking on some merchants, just before dispatching her to wait at posture ‘Pineapple’, and achieved Along with the Ketty Brøvig on the next day.

The following day, with Mohr and also other members on the crew again wearing their kimonos posing as Japanese Women of all ages, some pushing newborn carriages, as well as other crewmen lounging or strolling concerning the deck like Japanese sailors or tourists, the Atlantis at last went into motion.

Signalling ‘Heave to or I fire!’ and ‘Do not use your wireless!’, he was astonished to begin to see the Allied vessel make no response in any way and carry on on her way.

On the subsequent day, April 19, because the Atlantis rendezvoused Using the Dresden along with the two,719-ton supply ship Alsterufer, the previous Sloman Line fruit provider, Rogge named their captains to confer with him about the remedy of this particular team of prisoners, repeating the Guidelines he had currently given to his have crew.    

Anxious to capture this great and clearly new ship with out firing on her, Rogge instructed his signalman to order her to halt her tranmissions and her engines.

As Each individual U-Boat took a person hundred men on board, with Each and every towing five lifeboats, and also the remaining Adult males huddling in the rubber rafts on their own decks, the flotilla began it’s lengthy journey in direction of land.

When a lot more smoke was sighted on July thirteen, the Atlantis approached the vessel, a substantial cargo-liner, cautiously, even though progressively lowering the assortment, as a result of slight alterations in class and pace, to 5,four hundred metres, at which place, on remaining explained to the ship’s radio transmitter was currently being tuned up, Rogge ordered the struggle flag being lifted, the disguise dropped and four speedy salvos fired from the main armament, concentrating over the radio shack.

The ensuing explosion took even him without warning, because the ship foundered so quickly that he Virtually did not get off in time, injuring his arm in the procedure.

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